Experts and sites worth following

The following experts are well worth your time to follow and read. Please note that USSPI does not endorse (nor necessarily agree) with any of these experts and these folks do not endorse USSPI. This list is provided as a service to the reader because these experts know their areas and are intelligent, interesting, and forward-thinking.

Please do be aware that USSPI does not take any responsibility for what you see once you click into their names, except that it will be interesting and informative.

Technology and public policy
National security, technology policy, competitive strategy and education
Computer security
Technology consulting
Open source, community, Unix, GNU, and Linux
Technology Trends, Technology Strategy, Education, Free Speech
Technology and politics
Business, technology, education, politics, health, lifestyles, and the environment
Technology and society
Generational issues, employment, engagement, education, health technology, wearables
Technology issues and enterprise computing
Cryptography and computer security