About our logo

The logo of the U.S. Strategic Perspective Institute reflects our core values and spirit.

The logo of the U.S. Strategic Perspective Institute evokes our core values and spirit. Reflective of the Great Symbol of the United States, the logo contains four important elements: the Eye of Providence, the North Star, the flag of the United States, and the triangle shape, reminiscent of the pyramid in the Great Seal.

The symbology of the all-seeing eye dates back as far as ancient Egypt, and has been seen in the Medieval symbology of cultures in both Europe and Asia. It also appears throughout masonic imagery and, of course, in the Great Seal.large-logo

To the Institute, the Eye of Providence symbolizes perspective, our mission to see what is as well as what can be, and our intent to apply wisdom and understanding to America’s challenges.

The North Star (also known as the Pole Star) is a particularly visible star that seems to be aligned with Earth’s rotational axis. Prior to modern GPS technology, the North Star was the key to successful navigation, both on land and on sea. Travelers and explorers relied on the North Star both to find their way to new destinations and to find their way back home. On the American flag, the stars also symbolize the states of the Union.

To the Institute, the North Star symbolizes direction and our mission of finding a path to our solutions. It also symbolizes constancy, the diversity of our nation, and how keeping an eye on what’s important can guide us to new opportunities as well as guide us home, keeping us connected to our core principles and values.

The triangle shape of the Institute logo reminds us of the pyramid in the Great Seal. On June 20, 1782, Charles Thompson presented the Great Seal to the Continental Congress and in his “Remarks and Explanation” described both the pyramid and the Eye:

The pyramid signifies Strength and Duration: The Eye over it & the Motto allude to the many signal interpositions of providence in favour of the American cause.

To the Institute, the triangle reminds us that America is a great and strong nation that has survived and thrived through all its tough challenges. Our mission at the Institute is to help America, but with or without us, America will always remain strong.

Finally, the flag elements and red, white, and blue colors of the Institute logo reflect both America and the world. The colors and stripes of the early American flag resemble both the flag of the British East India Company and the British Union Jack.

Other countries whose flags are comprised primarily of almost identical shades of red, white, and blue include Australia, Chile, The Republic of China, Croatia, Cuba, the Czech Republic, the Dominican Republic, France, Iceland, both Koreas, Laos and Liberia, Myanmar, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Paraguay and the Philippines, Russia, Samoa, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Thailand.

To the Institute, these colors and stripes remind us of both America and the world. Many challenges we face in America reflect global challenges and as we put America first, we need to think globally and act locally.

Combined, then, the Eye of Providence, the North Star, the colors and stripes, and the triangle shape in our logo reflect perspective, wisdom, understanding, and providence, finding a path to new opportunities while retaining our core values, the humbleness that comes from being part of a great and strong nation, the awareness that we exist as citizens of a global society, and our ongoing commitment to put America first.