Online Safety Foundation

Cybercriminals, hackers, terrorists, and other malcontents are constantly pushing the limits of Internet security. Most of the time, it’s about making money. Sometimes, it’s about breaking through security and gaining bragging rights. And, once in a while, it’s about causing widespread chaos. No matter the motivation, it can be dangerous to be online. Below are videos that can help you learn how to stay safe.

Online safety video FAQs – The basics

Online safety video FAQs – Social networking

Online safety video FAQs – Keeping your money safe

Online safety video FAQs – More advanced topics


Disclaimer: Under no circumstances does USSPI, its membership, its leadership, or anyone associated with the organization make any promises that the information presented here is enough to keep you safe. We take no responsibility for your online safety and make no promises that we do. This site and its content is presented as a learning tool only. If you get hacked, please contact your local authorities.