USSPI is deeply concerned with outreach and education. The following projects support our mission of helping America solve some of its toughest problems by exploring and presenting innovative and practical options for securing America’s future and fostering discussion and awareness in these areas.

USSPI executive director David Gewirtz says, “Homeland security begins at home.” There are bad guys out there and they’re as close to you as your network port. This site contains training resources and a learning center that will help keep you safe.

One of the most important jobs we do here at USSPI is encourage people to think about important issues. One of the best ways to do that is through reading, and reading books that explore some of America’s toughest challenges in a non-partisan, constructive way. Via a grant from the publisher, USSPI makes three of these books available for free.

Thought-provoking round-table discussions with experts, visionaries, and leaders about the issues facing America and what can be done to make life better for Americans.