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Understanding and perspective must, by definition, come from knowledge and research. On this site, we have provided pages listing the hundreds of research resources that were used in preparation for our books (How To Save Jobs research resources, Where Have All The Emails Gone? research resources). In addition, you can visit our Recommended Reading section to read many of the articles we have found interesting and informative. Finally, be sure to visit our Experts and Sites page, because each of the experts listed is well-worth following and each of the sites contains valuable information and insight.

Strategic Analysis Service

The Strategic Analysis Service is an exclusive service provided to office-holders, their senior staff, and selected industry C-level executives. Bringing in top technology experts on an as-needed basis, we can help you bridge the gap between technology and governance.

We consider it our patriotic duty to support and assist in America’s information security. As part of our contribution to America’s secure future, we provide a free, one-hour Q&A session with David Gewirtz to any currently serving elected federal office holder. Please contact us at (202) 642-5627 to coordinate schedules.

For policy-makers, industry, and the media, the Strategic Analysis Service provides research, policy recommendations, and analysis on information technology, information security, all aspects of the Internet, competitiveness, organizational transformation, communications, and information policy and operations.

The Strategic Analysis Service provides assistance with these phases of the policy cycle:

  • Issue identification
  • Policy analysis
  • Policy instrument development
  • Consultation, training, and education
  • Coordination
  • Implementation, and
  • Evaluation

The decision phase, of course, is up to the policy-makers.

Some of our services include:

  • Technology Intelligence Briefings
  • Targeted Q&A sessions to help you understand key issues and technologies
  • Strategic research and analysis
  • Presentations, seminars, webinars, and subject-matter expertise
  • Security studies and technology studies
  • Expert testimony
  • Project management and strategic turnarounds

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To request an appointment, call (202) 642-5627.