Thought-provoking books

One of the most important jobs we do here at USSPI is encourage people to think about important issues. One of the best ways to do that is through reading, and reading books that explore some of America’s toughest challenges in a non-partisan, constructive way. Via a grant from the publisher, USSPI makes three of these books available for free.

howtosavejobscoverPublished in 2010, How To Save Jobs: Reinventing Business, Reinvigorating Work, and Reawakening the American Dream, was excerpted on weekly from 2009 through 2010. It explores both history of American jobs, the rise of globalization, the impact that China and India have on global trade, and the impact that America’s over-burdened healthcare system has on the American economy and jobs. In the second section of the book, a series of recommendations are set out for how America needs to and can change to improve jobs. Finally, the book ends with a section that anyone can use to improve their life, understand and grow their career, and plan for a strong economic future.

emailsgon-smPublished in 2007, Where Have All The Emails Gone? How Something as Seemingly Benign as White House Email Can Have Freaky National Security Consequences, provides a non-partisan national security analysis of the Bush White House email controversy from a technical perspective. According to The Intelligence Daily, the book is “the definitive account about the circumstances that led to the loss of administration emails.”

flexent-smPublished way back in 1996, The Flexible Enterprise: How to Reinvent Your Company, Unlock Your Strengths, and Prosper in a Changing World is the classic book that served as a foundation for today’s agile business movement. The author has reacquired all rights to the book and granted USSPI the rights to distribute digital scans of the original book — an ideal way to look at then-forward looking strategies that many highly successful businesses use as best-practices today.