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Forbes Website Used to Hack Readers

Users of Microsoft ’s flagship Internet browser who visited on the four days following Thanksgiving were open to be hacked, two cybersecurity firms said Tuesday.

China building giant island in South China Sea large enough for airstrip: report

China is constructing a giant island in disputed waters in the South China Sea that could be used as an airstrip.

Chinese iOS Trojan Targets Jailbroken iPhones Used by Hong Kong Protesters

Lacoon Mobile Security has discovered a new ‘advanced’ Chinese iOS trojan targeting jailbroken iPhone users in Hong Kong, linked to a previous Android spyware app currently being distributed among protesters via a link shared on WhatsApp.

China’s Tech Factories Turn to Student Labor

CHONGQING, China—On the outskirts of this southwestern Chinese hub lie the student factories. Schools send thousands of teenagers here to put together electronic devices for some of the world’s largest brands. Many students say they are given no choice.

Adobe to shut China R&D as sour business climate bites

BEIJING (Reuters) – Computer software maker Adobe Systems Inc will shut its Chinese research and development arm, as U.S. technology firms face an increasingly hostile government in the world’s second-biggest economy.