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We are giving away free digital copies of these books to anyone who wants a copy. The grant of rights allows you to go ahead and give away digital copies as well.
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About Gifting the Books to the Public

How To Save Jobs author David Gewirtz writes:

I have a very good friend whom I’ve known for more than 30 years. My buddy’s had a tough life. He’s the victim of a messy divorce, has a car that’s just gathering rust because he can’t afford to get the engine fixed, and every penny he earns gets siphoned away to pay health insurance and child support.

One day we were talking on the phone and my friend very earnestly told me, “I’d love to read your book, but, you know, I can’t afford to buy anything right now.” I couldn’t send him a copy because he lives in a part of town where any mail or packages that are delivered get ripped off before he gets home from work. But he’s smart and capable, and is one of the people who could really benefit from the tips and techniques at the end of this book.

Over the months writing, I kept thinking about my friend and all those people like him who might benefit from a book like this, but couldn’t or wouldn’t pony up the $24.95 it takes to buy it. There’s no way I could afford to give away thousands of printed copies of the book, but digital copies have no cost of goods. I could give away digital copies.

Of course, publishers aren’t exactly crazy about giving up a distribution channel, especially one growing the way Kindle and other electronic books are growing. Most publishers just aren’t all that big on the free thing.

Fortunately, my day job is as editor-in-chief at ZATZ Publishing, a 12-year-old book and online magazine publisher. More to the point, I’m also the company’s largest stockholder. If I wanted to give away a book, I had the clout to persuade this publisher to do it.

And that’s what we’re doing. Through a grant of rights from ZATZ Publishing to the U.S. Strategic Perspective Institute, we are giving away free digital copies of How To Save Jobs to anyone who wants a copy.

Not only that, the grant of rights allows you to go ahead and give away digital copies as well. So if you have a digital copy of How To Save Jobs and you want to give it to one friend or 100 friends, go ahead and do so. You can download a PDF copy of the entire book by visiting and clicking the Download button.

You are also welcome to post copies of the PDF on your Web site, if you’d like, and distribute it that way. All I ask is you don’t change the content of the book (that’d just be weird) and don’t sell it (that’d defeat the whole purpose of free distribution), but you’re welcome to distribute the digital copy of the book as far and as widely as you want. Of course, if you prefer, printed copies of this book are still available for purchase from Amazon and better bookstores everywhere.

After we decided to give away How To Save Jobs, we realized that some of the historical perspective provided in The Flexible Enterprise and the government oversight provided in Where Have All The Emails Gone? were equally important. So we decided to make them free as well, according to the same terms as How To Save Jobs. Feel free to distribute those PDFs as well.

America has some real problems to solve, this book is a road map for how to solve them, and now anyone can travel that road without paying a toll.