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Presidential Technology Watch

As Internet-based Presidential communication expands radically during the Obama administration, we’re tracking email, social networking, peer-to-peer networking, security risks, and more. We're helping keep them honest and helping keep them safe.


About the Presidential Technology Watch

Considered by The Intelligence Daily to be “the definitive account about the circumstances that led to the loss of administration emails,” USSPI executive director David Gewirtz’ Where Have All The Emails Gone? How Something as Seemingly Benign as White House Email Can Have Freaky National Security Consequences is the most comprehensive analysis of White House email ever published.

Gewirtz continues to be a leading Presidential scholar and technology watchdog, having published many of the definitive accounts of other White House-related technology incidents.

The Presidential Technology Watch is a watchdog program to help keep the White House’s electronic communications, particularly those that are Internet-based, safe and secure. The initiative will also look at other aspects of government information security.

The Presidential Technology Watch is both news and analysis driven. Visit our Learning Center to keep up to date on the latest news and analysis.

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