Empowered Patient & Health Initiatives

The health care industry in the United States is the single largest economic interest bloc in the history of mankind. It's time to take back some control over our health and wellness. It's time to be empowered.

About the Empowered Patient & Health Initiatives

Regardless of how you define the health care debate in America, there is one key figure everything revolves around: the patient, the person receiving and/or needing medical care. Unfortunately, the patient’s needs are often an afterthought, even to the doctor and other medical professionals.


This means that the patient needs to take responsibility for his or her own care, wellness, and life choices. But because so much of how the health care industry operates is cloaked in jargon, most patients are unable to fully understand even the basics of their own care.

To a certain extent, the responsibility for patient education falls on America’s nurses. But these professionals are often overworked, underpaid, and vastly understaffed and are rarely able to give the level of guidance patients need for a truly informed health care experience.

That’s where the Empowered Patient & Health Initiatives come in. Their role is to foster programs that help patients take more responsibility for their own care, to foster wellness programs, and to help patients and their families understand not only their own health, but the operation of the health care system.

At its most basic, the Empowered Patient & Health Initiatives will consist of outreach, through online magazines and forums, to help teach various health-related issues. The program could grow into a series of workshops, special programs, and product recommendations.

As we fully fund these projects, individual initiatives could include:

  • With more than 60% of Americans getting less sleep than they should, GettingSleep can provide resources to improve the health of Americans through better sleep.
  • Stress is another killer – and it costs America a tremendous amount in additional health care. GettingCalm can provided resources to help Americans manage their stress levels. USSPI also owns another great domain for this purpose:
  • Available as a resource for those who want to keep up on health-related news, can provide regular updates in language understandable by patients.
  • Many products claim to be good for you or helpful during patient care. But real experience and judgment often shows that individual products don’t meet their claims. is another “official seal” that can be applied for and licensed by product vendors. Licensed registered nurses would then evaluate the product based on specific criteria and then determine if it was worthy of being RNApproved. This is another possible income producer for USSPI.

Most of the projects within the Empowered Patient & Health Initiatives are editorial and informational in nature.

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