America’s Share

It’s virtually impossible to determine America’s true share of any given product. We aim to change that.

Please watch the video to the right and we’ll explain how we intend to attack the problem and create a workable solution.

One way to keep and save jobs in America is to buy American. Unfortunately, this sounds easier than it really is, because it’s virtually impossible to determine the America’s true share of any given product, even those labeled “Made in America.”

About America’s Share

America’s Share is a USSPI program designed to help consumers, buyers, and policy makers understand America’s true share of any given product. In its initial phase, America’s Share will work with manufacturing engineers, forensic accountants, economists, and other key experts to develop a consistent set of standards for determining America’s Share for any given product.

The America’s Share rating will be a number, from 0% (not American at all) to 100% (completely American). Phase II of the program will be to apply the America’s Share standards to various products. Some products will be chosen by America’s Share for independent research, but one way USSPI might generate income is to also provide independent America’s Share ratings for companies who contract for the service and for the right to use the America’s Share seal.

America’s Share will also have an online presence. The Web site will provide information on the need for America’s Share, it will provide a published list of rated products, it will provide the complete set of standards and procedures for determining America’s Share, and it will provide guidance for companies who wish to have their products rated and the right to display the America’s Share seal.

America’s Share has many unique budget elements and could prove to be a very costly program. In its initial phase, a core group of experts will need to be hired (unless we can get pro-bono contributions) to determine the America’s Share standards. Then, for any given product, a team of evaluators will need to carefully examine all stages of the production process, from raw materials through R&D to final distribution, to make a determination of the America’s Share percentage value.

There may be an interesting opportunity to explore crowd-sourcing. Using a community approach, like that done with Wikipedia, it might be possible to build a Web site containing contributions, edits, and change logs that would allow many individuals to contribute product break-downs and approximate some level of accuracy towards determining an America’s Share rating for individual products.

Get Involved

Are you interested in helping refine our understanding of America’s Share? We need a lot of help. First, we’re looking for subject-matter experts like manufacturing engineers, forensic accountants, and economists who can actually help us define a clear set of criteria for determining America’s share. If you’re a subject-matter expert, we’d like to hear from you.

get-involvedWe’re also looking for corporate partners who can provide the scaling and hosting resources for the technology and funding for what’s likely to be a moderately costly (but very important) project over the long-term. And we’re looking for volunteers to help get the word out.

If you’re interested in getting involved click here and Make a Difference.

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